Debussy Festival 2018

The Debussy Festival at St Cecilia's, curated by James Willshire, presents 8 concerts celebrating the music of the French composer, Claude Debussy. These concerts feature the complete cycle of the solo piano music, the songs, and the chamber music, and take place on the 1st and 2nd December; with the first concert at 10:30am on the 1st and the festival closing recital at 7:00pm on the 2nd.

Festival Programme

1st December
Concert 1, 10:30am - the solo piano music
Concert 2, 13:10 - the songs
Concert 3, 15:30 - the solo piano music
Concert 4, 19:00 - the solo piano music

2nd December
Concert 5, 10:30am - the solo piano music
Concert 6, 13:10 - the chamber music
Concert 7, 15:30 - the songs
Concert 8, 19:00 - the solo piano music

The complete solo piano music will be performed by James Willshire across 5 concerts. Pianist John Cameron will be joined by singers Jemma Brown, Jessica Leary, Judy Brown and Kimberley Dove for the two concerts dedicated to the songs, and pianist Philippa Harrison, violinist Gonbo Jiang and cellist Mark Bailey will perform the chamber music.

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